Avis Doing Away With Weekend Rental Rewards

Today Avis announced some changes to it’s Avis First Rewards program. On November 20, 2014, Avis First will become Avis Preferred Plus. In addition, members will no longer be able to earn free weekend rental rewards but will continue to earn Avis  preferred points or miles with participating airlines, hotels, etc… At the same time the Ali’i Club, Avis RentSavers California, Avis RentSavers Arizona, NY RentControl, and Avis Weekender Club programs will end as well. Members will be able to credit until the program ends and will be able to redeem any earned certificates through January 15, 2015.

Avis has said that current reward program benefits will change with the roll-out of the new program, but have not released specifics about changes – saying only that benefits will be enhanced.

Here is some additional information from the Avis First Rewards program website:


What do you think about this announcement?

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