A Traveler’s New Year’s Resolutions

by Rachel Brean 

Most make new year’s resolutions to be more organized, to read more, to get more sleep, etc. and this year my resolutions are around how I can plan keep in line with these things on the road. With that, here are my top tips for 2015!

  1. Check in to flights as soon as the 24 hour time period hits. I try and keep my travel within OneWorld to build up my miles bank, but sometimes the cost is just to good to pass up on other airlines. I’m spoiled with upgrades on OneWorld due to my status, and I have a bad habit of always forgetting to check in to other airlines and then kicking myself when I end up in row 28F. I just downloaded the Delta app and hopefully that will made check in speedier!
  2. Splurge on the little stuff. Too often I say “oh it’s only a few days on the road, do I really need to pack that?”. Well, those little things I remember to pack make me happy so I vow to bring them along. A few of my staples include a small candle like this onefrom Catbird, clothes pin to clip together pesky curtains, and my Noise app “White Noise” to ensure a good nights sleep.
  3. Stop purchasing travel size everything and invest in reusable TSA approved bottles. There are galores of these sets on Amazon like this onefor under $10. First I guess I really need to dwindle down my monster collection of travel sized everything, but once that’s done the reusable bottles will be easier and of course more environmentally friendly.
  4. Invest in two of everything. Ok, well not everything, but the necessities. Especially electronics. Digging for an Iphone charger, headphones, or laptop charger is always a pain and buying these items on the road is the worst. I must have 7 pairs of headphones that cost about $20 in the airport or $5 on Amazon.
  5. Read more on the road. I have a bad habit of bringing a book with me on the road and then opening my laptop up to do work or browse around online. I’m planning on trying out Oyster, which is like Netflix for books. It is a subscription-based app that gives you access to unlimited ebooks for $9.95 a month. They offer a 30 day free trialthat seems like a great way to check out there over half a million books. I was impressed with their selection of books and as well as editor suggestions.

Happy New Year


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