Do You Buy Products You’ve Tried In Airline Amenity Kits?

If you’ve flown in premium economy, business class or first class on an international flight you probably remember getting an amenity kit that contained some socks, eye shade, ear plugs and a few other goodies.   I love amenity kits, but I usually find the lotion and other products to be too scented for me and I end up giving them (the products) away. I keep many of the kits themselves and reuse them for storage, to pack accessories on future trips, etc…  Not all amenity kits are created equal however.

Some airlines give very nice kits and my favorites are the Tumi kits. I recently flew business class on Delta Airlines (my first ever international Delta flight and about my 5 lifetime flight on Delta) and was very pleasantly surprised by their amenity kit.  What was more surprising was how much I liked the products inside the kit.  Delta kits include Malin+Goetz Apothecary and Lab.  There was a lip moisturizer that was fragrance and color free and I found it very soothing and moisturizing (as the name says!) The gloss was just sticky enough that it lasted a very long time but not so sticky that it felt heavy. I ended up using the lip moisturizer during my entire trip and by the time I headed to the airport for my return flight couldn’t wait for another tube since I’d almost used it all up!

The hand moisturizer was a vitamin b5 treatment and lived up to its name as well. The moisturizer was pretty light-weight and not greasy at all. My hands absorbed the moisturizer and even after washing my hands 1 time still felt moisturized. The moisturizer has a natural almond scent, however, I didn’t smell anything (and I have a sensitive nose!)

Before this flight I had never purchased a product after sampling it on an airplane. I do use Philosophy products, which United kits contain, but I didn’t buy anything new based on what I sampled onboard.  I have bought a few products that I’ve used in hotels however.  Well, I can now say that I’ve made a purchase!

I bought a full-sized mojito lip balm – the texture and feel is the same as the sample lip moisturizer in the Delta kit and the mojito “scent” is light.  I also bought two other full-sized products – definitely and impulse purchase but I am very pleased with them now that I have them.   I will likely try a few different items from Malin+Goetz but one thing I’ll be reordering for sure is the lip moisturizer! I’m addicted now.

Have you ever purchased a product after sampling it in your airline amenity kit?

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