Insiders Guide to Thailand

Since I absolutely love Thailand, and have spent a significant amount of time there over the past 5 years, I thought I’d share some of favorite places and things to do/see.


Where to stay

Bangkok –

Ultimate in Luxury

Affordable Luxury

Mid to Upper Scale

Koh Samui –

Ultimate in Luxury



Phuket and the surrounding area

Ultimate in Luxury

Affordable Luxury

What to eat

In Bangkok

The lists of restaurants is endless, but these are a few of my favorites



In Phuket

There are a ton of places to eat in Phuket and depending on where you hotel is, you might not even venture out to find local places. One restaurant I highly recommend is Raya in Phuket Town. Raya is one of the most authentic, traditional Thai meals I’ve had. The restaurant has long tables that are filled with many families, locals and a few tourists. Almost nothing is in English (there’s lots of pictures) and don’t go with special requests or complicated orders, communicating can be challenge if you don’t speak Thai.


What to buy

Custom Clothing – Thailand is known for their high-quality custom tailored clothing made for unbelievably low prices. The tailor I recommend in Bangkok is Raja’s Fashions. They’re located at 160/1 Sukhumvit Road between Soi 6 and 8.

Silk – Thailand has a long history with Silk and it’s an important part of the history, culture and economy in Thailand. The most well known provider of superior quality silk is Jim Thompson. I recommend taking a tour of his house to learn more about Thailand’s Silk trade and while you’re there check out his restaurant and store. There are also stores located throughout the country. I buy something there every time I’m in Thailand.

Scarves – you can buy the most amazing silk and pashmina scarves in Thailand and prices range from around $6 – 100+ depending on the brand, quality, etc.. Any of the markets will have very reasonable prices.

Thai arts & crafts – you can find many different types of local crafts from wood carvings to chop sticks to jewelry. Prices are very affordable and you’re helping a local! Check out specialty stores and markets.


What to see/do






Do you have any insider tips? Feel free to share them!

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