Four Travel Photography Tips

One of the best parts of traveling, for me, is bringing home great photos.  I have turned one room in my home into a personally gallery that features some of my favorite pictures. One thing I’ve learned is that you can get a great shot with almost any camera or even a smart phone these days, however, some types of pictures require different cameras to get the best shots.

So how can you take great photos?  Well, I’m certainly not an expert, but I love photography and have picked up a lot of tips along the way.  Here are a few Travel Photography Tips:

  • Focus on something specific – find an item of interest and look for interesting ways to feature it
  • Don’t center everything.  Photos are more interesting when they show contrast, dimension, texture and perspective
  • Take lots of shots. You never know which one will be “the shot.”
  • Photograph what you’re interested in.  I usually take better pictures of things I like.

As an example of when to use special cameras or lenses, I’ll explain what equipment I used when photographing whales in Hawaii.  To get the best photos of whales it’s best to use a DSLR camera with a telephoto lens (100/300mm or 100/400mm will get you some great shots). The shutter speed is also very important, you’ll want a fast shutter around 800-1000 to catch the whales in action.   So what if you don’t have a fancy camera?  If your camera has a sports mode or action setting, make sure it’s set to that (this applies not only to whale photography but anything where the subjects are moving.) If you only have an iPhone with you, you can use burst functionality to increase the odds of getting that perfect shot. To use burst, just hold down the camera shutter button for more than 1 second and you’ll get a burst of 10+ photos and that’s the best way to capture action on your iPhone.

Here are some of my favorite photos from both my iPhone and DSLR (I use a Cannon EOS T5)

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