Quiz: What Is Your Packing Personality

What is your packing personality?


Packing a suitcase can cause stress for some travelers while others have it down to a routine.   What type of packing personality are you?

  1. Everything But The Kitchen Sink – You can’t decide what to pack, you toss and turn at the thought of being  without an essential item, you pack everything you could possibly need, even for an overnight trip.
  2. Slacks & Button Down Dresser – You know what you need,  you plan a simple wardrobe and stick to it, you pack the bare essentials to ensure your bag will fit in the overhead bins.  This travel type is also know as The Business Traveler.
  3. My Suitcase or Yours – Your family travels together and you pack individual suitcases for each family member, end up putting all those extra things that didn’t fit into another suitcase, and at the airport you move it all around to meet the weight limits.
  4. The Procrastinator– You end up with mismatched outfits, odd shoes, no shoes, five white shirts and lots of zip-loc bags… you get the idea.
  5. Mary Poppins – Mary Poppins is Practically Perfect in Every Single Way.  You can fit all your shoes, shirts, and slacks along with gifts for the family and essential accessories in a carry-on bag. You’ve got packing down pat.

What other packing personalities do you think there are? What’s your packing personality type?
I’m a procrastinator, for sure.

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