Island Life

part of the BootsnAll Indie Travel Challenge Project

We want to hear what you love about islands, what your favorite indie travel island destination is, which island you’re most longing to see, or why you think islands evoke such strong emotions in travelers. And – you know we have to ask – what would be three things you would absolutely have to have with you if you were stuck on a deserted island?

so here’s the thing. even though i was born in and grew up around Los Angeles, i was never one for the beach, so paradise-y islands were, for a long time, not my thing. i guess that’s why islands to me don’t necessarily mean beaches and palm trees and drinks with umbrellas, but well, just the literal definition of an island.

some of my favorites:

Tokyo on the island of Honshu

One of the islands of Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland

New York City on the island of Manhattan

Cambridge on the island of Great Britain

ok, who am i kidding. especially in the winter, who can resist the siren song of laying in a hammock on a beach, soaking in the sun while a warm breeze slowly wafts? the slow pace of life, the great weather, and great seafood you can’t normally get at home are what draw me to tropical islands. (side note — how i wish it were summer now, island or not!)

Hammock on the island of Oahu

there are a couple islands on my bucket list — ibiza and the isle of skye. the former, i think i’m outgrowing, so i’m not sure how much longer that will stay on my list (or i will have to do it soon), and the latter, well, i don’t think will ever lose its appeal. ever since i saw this j.crew catalog years ago, it’s been somewhere i have to go. i can’t put my finger on why, but it’s prettier than say, a beach paradise. *turning on some celtic music*

what three items must i have on a deserted island? hmm. i don’t really like these questions since i don’t think i’m ever happy with my answers, but here goes. assuming there is no way i can ever get off, so not including things like flares or a cell phone, etc.:

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