Today’s #frifotos — Special Moments

a pretty random amalgamation of experiences in my life that i really treasure. the pictures aren’t great but that’s ok because it’s the memories that count. less photo quality this time, more experience quality. (and not always travel-related.)

My dog (then a two-month old puppy) Aubrey's first day home

Český Krumlov, part of my first solo trip, where I discovered the cathartic joy of solitude (Czech Republic, 2005)

Watching Desmond Tutu speak at a rally for Tibet (San Francisco, 2008)

The final concert (and one of the best concerts I've ever been to) of my favorite German band, Virginia Jetzt! (Berlin, 2010)

My first high speed train ride (Cologne, Germany, 2003)

The anticipation of seeing my favorite sport live for the first time. I got there so early! (Winter Olympics, Turin, Italy, 2006)

Meeting Imogen Heap in LA

Watching a mommy lion play with her cubs (on safari, South Africa, 2011)

Driving on the Autobahn soon after I moved to Germany (on the road from Frankfurt to Tübingen, 2005)

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