Instawalk: Montgomery County, PA

(well, less of a walk and more of a drive, probably a good thing since it was mostly unplanned and i wasn’t dressed appropriately)

Dying to know, what is broasted? Baked + roasted? Broiled? (note: see below)

East branch of Perkiomen creek


Public School



Going down

Ceci n'est pas un hawk

i asked on twitter what broasted chicken was (and i got answers), but i had to check it out for myself, so i went back for dinner.

The place was SO oldskool!

Turns out broasted chicken is fried!

as i was told (and as the wikipedia article describes), it’s a less-grease fried chicken. after trying it, well, it was good, but i prefer my fried chicken oozing bad health from every pore.

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