Street View Memories

ever not take enough pictures of a spot that became near and dear to your heart? well, google street view to the rescue! while trying to do some recon for my last post, i realized google maps had street view of one of my favorite little pedestrian streets in málaga.

other than the classrooms, this is where we spent the most time during our two week stay there. at the far end of the street was our dorm, and this end was where we had the same delicious tapas dinner almost every night. i miss it! i miss the patatas bravas and ham and chicken croquetas, the street being alive wayyy past midnight, and people not speaking a word of english (and me with my sesame street/california spanish).


in the two years between the street view picture (2008, at least as of today) and when we were there (2006), they must have changed the tables, but you can see the kiosk that’s somewhat obscured by the truck.


i think the napkin dispensers are still the same, though (zoom in on the street view above)!

Gracias por su Visita

and the dorm at the other end of the street:

Afternoon View from the Dorm

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