Hidden Istanbul via a Guided Photowalk

i talked about it a bit on the post with the 360-degree panorama of istanbul, but i was lucky enough to go on a photo tour of the istanbul that lies right behind the tourist curtains, led by kamal nuraydın. i was writing a tripadvisor review of it and decided i should post the pictures that i chose to be part of the review here as well.

long story short: if you like photography or getting to know the real culture behind a city, especially one as vibrant and compelling as istanbul, you need to go on one of his tours. they’re a little pricey, but unforgettable. be sure to take advantage of his expertise and pick his brain, as they are meant to be teaching tours as well, which helps to explain some of the price, i think.

UPDATE: jen of my life’s a trip, who happened to be instanbul the same time i was and invited me to join in on the tour with them, posted her amazing pictures. a big big thank you to her and her husband for letting me tag along!

(remember, these photos are unretouched thanks to my hands-off (aka lazy) policy, straight from my decidedly-least-fanciest-of-the-group olympus e-pm1 micro4/3 camera (if you’re wondering). the rest of the pics from the photowalk are up on flickr.)


On a secret rooftop


Yarn and rugs


Molten bronze


Bronze workshop


Abandoned textile machine


Boy washing hands

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