Leftover Currency

i finally got around to unpacking and opened up my little ziploc baggie that holds all the extra money i couldn’t spend.

grand total:

  • top: 256.43 hryven, or ~$31 (and a kiev subway card with maybe 1 ride left on it, total value including card deposit less than $1, iirc)
    • this surplus was no thanks to last-minute rushing to the airport and overwithdrawing from the ATM (₴500) in case the cabbie tried to charge something exorbitant. the ride ended up being ₴300, and i tipped ₴20.
  • left: 8.41 euro, or ~$11
  • center: 27 danish kroner, or ~$4.75
  • right: 3.65 turkish lira, or ~$2

i’ve never come back with so much money before (in this case, the hryven) and i’m not sure what to do with it. is it worth trying to exchange back to dollars? or just keep it for the next time (not sure there will be one) i go to ukraine?

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