Phlashback: Corny Bars

one in an occasional series of photo flashbacks

seven years ago

Corny. And Fruity to boot!

it was seven years ago today that i discovered corny, a german granola bar brand. (not being a native speaker, i can only assume it’s a semi-intentional play on words: korn = “grain”.)

corny, along with kinder country, became my daily junk food when i was a student there (several bars a day for two years). my favorite flavors were chocolate-covered banana (schoko-banane) and several of their special limited-edition “winter magic” releases, including sugared roasted almond (gebrannte mandeln) and spekulatius.

but, in case this protip saves someone the trouble, they don’t make good cat bait (click the picture to read the backstory):

How About a Corny

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