Where NOT to Stand for the Dubai Fountain

photo (2) i had originally wanted to watch the Fountain from the mall side (the mall is in the upper right on the map below), but you were pretty much looking directly into the sun setting in the west, so i crossed the bridge to the opposite side (that has the new-fashioned souk) and waited there. originally i was halfway between the red arrow and the end of the bridge (where i took the picture to the left), but decided to move 20 minutes before the show started to the corner where the red arrow is.


i don’t know how i escaped it, but the people on either side of me got drenched. like amusement-park-water-ride drenched. and it wasn’t a fluke either. i overheard some people say (before the show started) that last time they stood there that they got soaked as well — i think they ultimately moved. a wise choice. but sorry to the Russian couple to my left and Chinese couple to my right. sopping wet.

i decided to stay for another show since i had the time and moved down towards where i drew the purple rectangle. it’s less crowded and you get to see more of the action, so it was a natural choice. i settled at the left end of the rectangle, where i took the video at the bottom.

of course, your mileage may vary depending on the performance, but you have been warned. there is a non-zero chance of getting wet at the red arrow. note that you can also watch from the Burj Khalifa side; there are steps/bleachers where you can sit, too.

enjoy the show!


so yeah, i saw two performances (6 and 6:30) and a test performance (no sound, around 6:10); this is the 6:30 one. (nighttime performances 6 PM to 11 PM every half hour, song changes every time.)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmRAnyzVnmc?rel=0]

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