Instawalk — The Grand Palace in Bangkok

on the spectrum of preppers from “seat of my pants” to “doomsday”, i’m probably closer to the former. i usually pick out what i want to do on each day before i leave for the trip and then do some cursory reading for the next day the night before, but last night i was too tired from the flight over to do any such thing.

which probably ended up being for the better, since i was blown away by the Grand Palace once i got there. so if you’re looking at these pictures and haven’t been there, i apologize for somewhat ruining the shock and awe i felt, but hopefully you’ll still be amazed in person. (i’m sure you will be.)

He looks worried

Those aren't lightbulbs

Not Atlas

This is one time I'm glad I didn't do any research. I was (am) blown away.




sidebar: loaner pants if you are inappropriately-dressed like i was (on purpose, hell if i am wearing pants in this heat and humidity) you have to borrow some from the changing room that’s to the right of the entrance once you pass through. there is a refundable 200 baht deposit for the pants* but they don’t make change. luckily there’s a small bank kiosk across the street and he was able to break my 1000 baht bill for free.

*protip: the pants are elastic waist with no pockets, so for a while i was constantly digging into my pants to the shorts underneath to get to my phone to take these instagram shots until i finally gave up and put the phone in my camera bag. and yes, the pants looked and smelled [yes i sniffed them] clean…

p.s. since i did zero research, i didn’t know it didn’t open until 8:30 and i was there an hour early. i checked foursquare and one place for breakfast was relatively close by and seemed to have good ratings and there was someone checked in, so it couldn’t be too bad, right? i certainly wasn’t the only one there, so it couldn’t have been too sketch.

it was one of those cases, i think, where the hole-in-the-wall only does one thing. if only i knew what it was. (i ate the whole thing, though!) in addition to what’s below, i am pretty sure i ate lung.

a monk stopped by for alms just after i got served

a monk stopped by for alms just after i got served

if you know what these are, feel free to let me know in the comments!

update: i translated the name of the place…and some twitter friends were right when they joked it was brains! O_O


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