Instawalk — TWA Flight Center

i am so lucky my work trip to Philadelphia coincided with Open House New York‘s opening of the TWA Flight Center. and yes, it’s as amazing in person as you’d think it would be. i only wish i had the chance to fly through there when it was in operation.

also, shout out to @thatjohn and @airlineflyer and @blgranucci and @davidabbey and @airlineguys who i had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with (and in the case of the first four, letting me invade their planespotting club — my first time truly planespotting and it’s amazing what these people know!).

update forgot to add when i wrote this last night that the best part was being in the Ambassadors Club when a former TWA employee (now visitor) happened to be in there. he used to work in that lounge and ran his hands over the abandoned tables and walls, clearly choking up. it was pretty amazing to see someone so intimately involved with the building remember it so fondly.

oh! also another shout out to Milepoint’s Premium Membership and their free day of parking (with no minimum stay!) at The Parking Spot lots!

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