Looking Forward By Looking Back: Buenos Aires

(you may wish to start playing my Buenos Aires theme song in the background while reading this.)

last night there was a mistake fare from Mexico City to Buenos Aires for ~$150 round trip. my travel calendar is pretty full until next summer but i couldn’t let this pass and am squeezing in a workation in early February.

i’ve been to Buenos Aires once before, thanks to a 10-day business trip in july of 2010. (work paid for my Reciprocity Fee and i’m finally getting to use it again — yay!) there are only a handful of cities i get truly excited about revisiting, and BsAs is one of them. looking back on my tweets and photos, i think it’s because it was filled with such indelible experiences that i was able to fit in outside of work hours (besides the regular touristy things, which were also great).

let’s hope this time will be just as amazing, despite having fewer free hours.


I had to get used to eating super late at night, but the food was amazing. Between the steak, provoleta (grilled provolone), and empanadas, I was a very happy camper. #oink

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My first real-life Calatrava bridge (my favorite architect), the Puente de la Mujer.


Argentina legalized gay marriage while I was there (2010!). Pretty amazing to be there when it happened, especially seeing street art and propaganda (for both sides) leading up to the decision and celebrations after it was announced.


I was able to catch a concert at the just-reopened-a-couple-months-earlier-after-a-four-year-renovation Teatro Colón. Such an amazing space. I saw the Buenos Aires Philharmonic with special guest cellist Natalie Clein — “Bach y el Circulo Schumann”.

after the concert i went to a milonga and tried to tango. oh, that wasn’t pretty. but at least i can say i tried! i apologize to this day to my dance partners and their toes. (as an aside, the gay-friendly milonga i went to was really awesome.)


I tried to hunt down this shirt I saw a bartender wear but couldn’t find it — I’ll have to give it another shot!

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  1. Will Run For Miles | November 7, 2013 at 6:19 pm | Reply

    If that special was announced when the east coast was awake, I’d be going too. I loved Argentina. I have a great hotel suggestion for you.

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