Instawalk: Old Tbilisi

before i get started, let me clarify that Tbilisi is not a city stuck in the past. there are lots of curvy modern buildings, my favorite being the three-year-old Public Service Hall, a consolidated government help center where people can get ID cards, passports, marriage certificates, etc.

but when a city was established in 479 AD, of course you’re going to get old structures. i’m not, however, talking about the super old, just moderately old — the old that i like, the peeling, crumbling, decaying kind of old that has this understated charm (ok, maybe it’s just me, but i love it).

it all started with my airbnb, which to my amazement, discovered is right underneath the old cable car station (a surprise to me!). and yes, that’s my laundry hanging over the courtyard.

there’s a lot of old old (in the actual Old Town, particularly) — precariously-leaning buildings with balconies that look to be literally at the tipping point, and pre-Soviet old — faded glory Art Nouveau buildings and the like. (unfortunately, the Soviet-era stuff isn’t that great, at least not what i’ve seen, especially compared to other ex-Soviet countries.)

sidebar if you’re looking to get into the fabled painted Art Nouveau building at 36 Aghmashenebeli St., i tried to go today and the literal backdoor (the back door of the clothing shop that could get you in) looks to be gone — that shop has closed for good.

well, without further ado, the decay, abandoned-looking, and abandonment that i love.

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