Japan: Free Wifi For Tourists


I am going to Japan this week, so I’ve been busy looking into the geekier things like wifi and apps (and ignoring the fact that there’s a snowstorm in Tokyo at the moment).

There is now free wifi being offered for tourists in Japan, care of NTT – here is the LINK.


It sounds easy enough – get the card, connect and enjoy for 14 days.  There is a list of places of distribution.  I would hope that it’s as easy to find these cards as the website makes it sound, and that the location of hotspots is good.


Various cities, such as Osaka and Kyoto, also offer free wifi services. Check the terms of each offer separately. Some might require more information than you are comfortable giving. Some require you to sign up and receive an email code before you arrive in Japan, so, if you are planning a trip to Japan, look into wifi before you go.

This is not intended as a comprehensive guide to wifi in Japan – but it’s a start! Please feel free to add any helpful information in the comments.







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