The Mr. Pickles Surprise

The Real Mr. Pickles

TheMrPickles arrived for his presentation at the Charleston Sessions wheeling one of the biggest suitcases I have ever seen into the conference room! We could only guess that it was chock full of goodies.  What could be inside?

Pickles Suitcase

TheMrPickles’ Suitcase (photo courtesy of Points Summary )

After sharing his formative years, which were instrumental in the birth of the Mr. Pickles Lifestyle, he delighted the group by talking about The Real Mr. Pickles and handed out first and business class amenity kits from just about every major airline in existence.  That was followed by a special ‘Mr. Pickles’ giveaway of new first class airline pajamas.

First Class PJ

Singapore Airlines Givenchy Pajamas

The Real Mr. Pickles happens to be an African Grey Parrot and is the inspiration for TheMrPickles name and logo. African Grey Parrots are known to be among the most intelligent bird species and can develop quite a large vocabulary.  The Real Mr. Pickles has a command of over 100 words and can, with that vocabulary, voice his requests and, in many cases, his opinion. I believe the Real Mr. Pickles must have flown in secretly Friday night. As he toured the meeting room late in the evening when many attendees were out exploring Charleston on a pub crawl, he left a few of his feathers taped to the underside of the middle seats in the room.

The Real Mr. Pickles

The Real Mr. Pickles

The Real Mr. Pickles is predominantly grey with a spray of crimson red tail feathers. He has always sympathized with those consigned to a middle seat and wanted to help make those close quarters for the participants a bit more palatable. If a feather were found by one of the middle seaters, or the person sitting at the inside of the table, they were given a choice of airline First Class PJ’s. Lufthansa, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Emirates…. and more!  It was a PJ extravaganza!  It was great fun as people searched for the feathers to claim their prize!  The Deal Mommy claimed to have worn hers on the flight home!

So, many thanks to The real Mr. Pickles for so creatively sharing a part of himself …. and to TheMrPickles for simply sharing.The Mr. Pickles


Mr. Pickles will be bringing even more door prizes to the Chicago Seminars and will be hosting the Starwood Hotel Breakout Session.


Hope to see you there!


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  1. I’m sure Mr. Pickles knows how to say and gesture “Shhhh” like his friend in this video:

  2. Not just claimed…did! I was the best dressed girl on Southwest flight 418!

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