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US Airways Share Miles Returns


Those of you who know me know that US Airways is my airline of choice. I have participated in various mile acquisition promotions that they have held in the past – buying miles, gifting miles, and (the best value in my opinion) sharing miles. Through sharing miles, it is possible to earn up to a 100% bonus.

For a limited time you will be able to earn up to 50,000 miles with this promotion:

Share miles bonus

For a limited time, when you share miles, the recipient will get a 100% bonus – up to 50,000 miles. Just share your miles by October 15, 2013.

If I were to share 50,000 miles with my friend’s US Airways account, she would then receive the 50,000 I transferred to her, but also a 50,000 mile bonus for a total of 100,000 miles. I would be left with 50,000 fewer miles than I had but then she would share back 50,000 miles with me.  I would then get the 50,000 back that I transferred, plus an additional 50,000 from the share miles promo. Each of us would then have 50,000 more miles in our account for a cost per transfer of $567.50 which includes the cost of sharing plus taxes and transfer fee.

The form is pretty straightforward and will take you to

Terms and Conditions:

I have used US Airways miles for business class awards on partner airlines to Asia (90,000 miles), a first class award on Singapore Air during last summer’s booking glitch (110,000 miles), and recently for our business class awards to Istanbul and Malta (90,000 miles). Low level business awards to Europe were often available for as little as 60,000 miles in winter.  Although US Airways dropped the low awards in Envoy to Europe last summer, they are still available in Economy for 35K miles. Low level Envoy awards are also still available to South America.   If you have the Barclay’s Dividend miles card your award travel can be had for 5000 miles less. Last January I traveled to Paris for 55,000 miles roundtrip in Envoy!

If you are planning any upcoming award travel, this is a great way to top off your account!

Do you think you will be taking advantage of this promotion?



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