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KIVA – Kiva Do II San Francisco


Kiva was founded in October 2005 in San Francisco and is a non-profit organization that allows people to lend money via the Internet to enterprising people in developing countries through Kiva’s 191 field partners. The micro-loans help individuals literally work their way out of poverty.  One of the strongest teams in the Kiva family is the Milepoint Team which has almost two thousand members and has loaned over $6 million since its inception.

Basically Kiva works like this: You browse the website and choose an individual whom you would like to support.  Typically loans fall in the $25 range but you can loan more if you choose. Your loan, along with the loans of others, will fund someone’s business venture. Over time, those loans are paid back to your Kiva account  and you can then turn around and reloan those funds again. I am a member of the Milepoint Kiva team and so far have made twenty-three loans with thirteen of those completely paid back and the others well on their way.

Milepoint, a forum for frequent travelers, has organized another Kiva Do Lender Conference October 25-27th in San Francisco, and Kiva will be in attendance! You’ll get a chance to meet your fellow lenders, take a tour of Kiva’s offices, and hear from a number of our staff members about our partnerships, site development, community and more. The event will celebrate Kiva’s 8th Birthday. The first Kiva Do was held in March of 2012 and during that week-end over $400 thousand dollars was loaned. The team’s record all-time lending was a one month campaign that resulted in $595 thousand dollars being loaned.

So what is a Do? Well, a Do is one step up from a gathering. It’s where more than a dozen people get together and have a meeting centered on an event or city or restaurant. A Do can be entirely social, flight or travel related, or, in this case, charity related.  However you may define it, a Do is a chance to meet with other like-minded individuals. The Kiva Do will allow you to gather and meet with frequent flyers who enjoy sharing their resources with others.

If you are interested:

Kiva Do II
October 25-27, 2013
Marriott Waterfront SFO Airport (reservations here)
San Francisco, CA
Check out the details and itinerary on the Milepoint forums, or click straight through to the main registration site here.

If you cannot attend the Do, consider joining the Kiva Family. By making loans through the Kiva website, you can be part of the solution to poverty and, if you use your credit card to finance the loans, earn points and miles.

If you join using the link above and join me on Kiva, you will receive a $25 credit towards your first loan!


Have you joined the Kiva team yet?

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