Apple 12 Days of Gifts – Tiny Thief and a Glitch

Apple 12 Days of Gifts

Earlier today Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts App offered the pilot episode of Once Upon a Time as a free download.  Later in the day, that was changed to Tiny Thief, a game created by Angry Birds publishers Rovio. First launched earlier this year, Tiny Thief was launched earlier this year and features an unconventional hero who uses trickery to out smart his opponents across various medieval adventures. The app normally costs $2.99.

Tiny Thief

There was no explanation given for the change, however, upon first glance, it seems that offering simply the first episode of Once Upon a Time caused confusion for some users. It appeared that, when clicking through to iTunes,  users were taken to the iTunes page and asked to pay $24.99 for the whole series. Hmmmm…. where is this free gift?

A close friend mentioned it to me this morning and I acknowledged I had the same problem initially but after going back to the first page of the 12 Days App I noticed it clearly stated ‘First Episode’.  The ‘free’ part was for the first episode of the series and it was necessary to click through and find that episode highlighted with the blue download button….which took a while.  It turns out that the directions for accessing the episode (or future TV shows)  are found in the FAQ’s for the app and are explained here:

“To get your free TV episode, you must first tap View Gift, then tap the name of the free episode. You will be redirected to a page where the episode is listed in blue. Tap the episode’s name again. You will be redirected to a page where you can download the episode for free.”

I suspect that because of the confusion, Apple withdrew the first offering and replaced it with Tiny Thief.

Note: These items are also available from free by accessing the iTunes Store directly.

What do you think? Apple glitch?  Did you think you had to pay for the entire series? Or did you finally figure it out?

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