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Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts – Timberlake and Lorde -Day One and Two

The Gifts

Apple 12 Days

I wrote about Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts App a few weeks ago and immediately downloaded the app myself. It required my having to update my iPhone to the new iOS7 point a few more numbers in order to do so (something I had been loathe to do… but that is another story).

On the 16th of December, I happened to open the app and see that I had a little ‘Gift to get you Started.’ The offerings were two songs by Lorde, No Better, and Royals. I tried to download it but because of continued phone issues (thankfully resolved), and a few app issues, I was unable to achieve a successful download. Actually,  I think it may have been sent out early by Apple to test the app.

I found myself looking forward to what was to come! I’ll update my list… but would also be interested in hearing if others are receiving the same gifts or something different.

On the First Day of Christmas, Apple gave to me…. two Justin Timberlake songs – Sexy Back from his 2006 classic from his album FutureSex/LoveSounds (2006) and Take Back the Night from 20-20 Experience -2 of 2 album. In addition, there were two of his videos – True Blood and TKO.

On the Second Day of Christmas, Apple gave to me…. a chance to download the Pilot Episode of Once Upon a Time... the American Fairy Tale series. Debuting in 2011. the series takes place in a fictional town, Storybrooke, Maine, and each episode focuses on one of the residents who is actually a fairy tale character cursed by an evil witch to live in the ‘real’ world. I may pass on this one.


What are you getting for your gifts?

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