Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts – Day Four – Toca House

Apple Day 4

On the Fourth Day of Christmas Apple gave to me…. a fantastic children’s game app.

Toca House 2

Toca House App

Toca Boca

Toca House is a really neat kids app created by the  Swedish app developer Toca Bocaand being of Swedish design, it is a very practical, educational app. The idea of the game is simple; as you play you are helping five family members with their chores around the house – only they are not your typical type of family members!

This app is chock full of colorful and whimsical graphics,  engaging sounds, and loads of different activities to complete (play). Toca House makes completing household chores incredibly enertaining.

The app is recommended for ages 1-9… and would be a perfect addition to apps for those of you who travel with small children. It is sure to keep them engaged and entertained during a flight or in the car. It’s a noadvertising and no in-app purchases play app which should make it even more appealing, toca 4

Erik Wahlgren, Toca’s play designer, described the thinking behind the activities within the app:

“To small children, housekeeping is novel. In their eyes, it’s an act of making things nice. Later in life many learn from their surroundings that it’s a dull duty. Our aim with this game is to help bring out the fun and rewarding parts in making your home nice. We think that establishing housekeeping as something joyful early in life will be a big help to your child as he or she will grow up and eventually will have to manage a home of their own.”

The App Store describesToca House as:


Ironing, doing the dishes, mowing the lawn and putting away the dishes has never been this fun. Another beautifully crafted app from Toca Boca! Keeping with the theme of fantastic illustrations, seamless gameplay and engaging activities, Toca House is an excellent addition to any families’ iPad.

All 12 Days of Gifts apps can be downloaded free for 24 hours from the app. It can also be downloaded for free from the Apple  iTunes store.

Toca House 3

Toca House App

You know, I just may download this one to see what it is all about myself. Is that the kid in me?

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