Starbucks – Free Bonus Star

Earn a Free Bonus Star!

I have just started collecting Starbucks Stars – they do come in handy for that extra Free cup of Joe every now and again.  At any rate, the company is offering a Free Star for watching a short video. First, go to and log into your account. Scrolling down on the Rewards Page you should see: Starbucks Star When you click on this, a new little box will open underneath. Clicking on that will take you to a short minute and a half video about coffee bean harvest. Once that ends, you will be taken back to your Rewards page with the option of agreeing to receive your Bonus Star.Starbucks Star 2 I believe I had to manually enter my email at that point.  The Bonus Star Code will be emailed to you and once you receive the code, you can just apply it to your account!Starbucks Star 3 Finally….treat yourself to a cup of coffee. That certainly was hard work!

Do you collect Stars from Starbucks?

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