American Airlines Direct to Johannesburg?

How does an American Airlines Johannesburg Direct Flight Sound?

American Airlines 777Several of my friends have traveled to South Africa – Cape Town or Johannesburg – and it seems that more times than not they have mentioned about how difficult it is to get there without a lot of time-consuming connections. South African Airlines does have direct flights from JFK and IAD and is a member of StarAlliance. With US Airways having left Star Alliance, unless you happen to have some United (or other StarAlliance) miles sitting around, the only other options require connections and/or layovers.

Now it seems that American Airlines Executives are eager to begin working towards establishing non-stop flights to Johannesburg.

The article can be found found here.

What do you think?  Would you love to see a MIA-JNB direct flight?

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  1. Are you sure about “the only other options” require connections? What happened to Delta’s direct flight ATL-JNB? Hard to beat that one. I mean if you consider a flight departing MIA to be a replacement for a flight departing JFK then it’s hard to see why DL’s ATL-JNB wouldn’t be the better choice. They had a big investment in those lie-flat seats, so I would be astonished if they’ve already canceled that route? It’s one of Delta’s best if you ask me.

    I recently tried MIA-MAD on AA, and their business class product can only be called sadly lacking on that route. Assuming MIA-JNB is 15 hours, they’d better put in some better seats. So I won’t get too excited until I hear something more about the quality of what they’re offering.

    Flying that distance without a connection in economy on any airline is strictly for people who believe it’s only the other guy who gets DVT so I have no interest in that product.

    • Carolina Travel Girl | May 1, 2014 at 7:55 pm | Reply

      Thanks for the comment! Yes, I know about Delta’s flight schedule. The commentary was largely for those who fly predominantly OneWorld or Star Alliance airlines. As I am now, as a result of the merger, going to be a OneWorld flyer, I am all for improved routes! And, yes, I agree – there has to be some hard product improvements if American considers that route!

  2. Exciting news! I personally would love JNB and CPT. Or at least do MIA-JNB-CPT-MIA type of triangle.

  3. MIA-CPT would be HUGE advantage. SAA used to fly that route and it was just 13 hours. It now takes a full day more going through JHB via IAD.

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