Tips and Tools for Keeping up with AMEX Sync

How in the world can I keep up with AMEX Sync?AMEX Sync 3

This is the question that has plagued me for months.  How in the world do I manage to remember what offer is synced with which card?  I sometimes sync the offers through Twitter and sometimes will sync them online when I login to my account.  There is nothing worse than having a sync opportunity pass by because I can’t remember which card to use.

Sure, I could write them down… put a little sticker on the back of the card… all sorts of things but since I tend to lose notes and sticky things on the back of a credit card are not always feasible, I decided to do this.



I logged on to my AMEX account, took a Snippet picture from my desktop and emailed it to myself. I plan on saving the png image to my SmartPhone in a seperate Photo Album and voila! A list of my offers and the card to which it is synced. As I am definitely a visual learner, having something that I can reference easily works really well.

Another great way to register and keep up with your AMEX sync offers is to subscribe to the Wandering Aramean’s SyncAssist.  Seth never ceases to amaze me with his ability to create tools for us travelers and this one is another incredible offer. Not only is it easy as can be, if you are a registered member of his Wandering Aramean Traveling Tools site, then the SyncAssist service is free.  If you have not yet upgraded, then I would strongly suggest that you do.

To quote his article (which is chock full of information):

The concept is pretty simple: You link your Twitter account to SnycAssist once. From there the system takes over, monitoring the AmEx feed for which promos are active and making sure to register you for them. It sends out the tweets on your behalf and AmEx recognizes them, acknowledging the registration for each offer.

About AMEX Sync:

Amex Sync is a great program (for those who may not have heard about it) whereby you can link your American Express Card to a multitude of offers. When you use your synced AMEX card at a particular merchant, you will receive an instant statement credit.  As a household, with the last AMEX/BP sync, we received almost $100 cash back from American Express simply by using a synced card everytime we filled up at the BP station. You can check which offers are available on your American Express Account page under My Offers.If you have more than one AMEX card (such as Gold or SPG or Delta, etc.), each card can be listed with various offers.  Frequent Miler had an excellent post on just how to maximize those syncs here.

So, what do you do to keep up with all of these great offers from AMEX Sync?

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2 Comments on "Tips and Tools for Keeping up with AMEX Sync"

  1. Have you had much luck getting your statement credits? I’ve generally gotten mine, but there’s been a few that I have had to track down, and some I’m even STILL waiting on, months later.

    Generally once I talk to them, they are good about refunding them, but it’s frustrating having to keep track of these like they’re some fly-by-night cashback portal. We’re talking about AMERICAN EXPRESS people!!!!!

    • Carolina Travel Girl | June 8, 2014 at 12:18 am | Reply

      Luckily, so far, as soon as I use a synced card, I receive a notification – I don’t believe I’ve ever had something not post correctly. Have you contacted AMEXSync?

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