The Un-Contest – or Rafflecopter Woes

Enter the ‘Un-Contest’ ahead of the Real Contest Giveaway

So… I have a really nice Giveaway Contest planned (I think you will like the prizes) … and I plan to use Rafflecopter to help with collecting and sorting the entries.Rafflecopter

Only Rafflecopter appears not to be working correctly for my blog. Who would think that something designed to be simple is proving to be so difficult! Once you decide to have a contest, you plug in your prize, how you want your entries to be included, click on a little button and ‘Voila!’ a link that you paste into your post appears. Pasting this link is supposed to give you a little contest box, but instead, mine is just posting as a link to another page. To me, that sort of defeats the purpose of having a widget on your page and makes it a little more time consuming way to enter. I have shared a large number of emails back and forth with the Rafflecopter Support Team.

So I am having an Un-Contest. Yes, a Contest that isn’t really a contest. I am having to set up this un-contest in order to paste the link for the Rafflecopter Widget into a real post so that their wonderful tech support group can figure out why the Widget doesn’t seem to want to work in the REAL Contest.

Accoding to Rafflecopter:

As always we are obsessed with ensuring Rafflecopter is delightfully simple, but doesn’t cramp your style. Get creative! Rafflecopter can handle whatever ideas you dream up and it’s as simple as copy/paste.

And, according to one of the rave reviews:

Rafflecopter is a really brilliant addition to the online marketer’s toolset. It’s a simple widget that does great things  after all, it’s all about the customer experience…

Come on Rafflecopter! Let’s get this thing sorted!

If you decide to enter the Un-contest (which starts at noon Pacific Time), I promise to include your entries into the REAL Contest which should be up and running in a day or two if we can solve my Rafflecopter Woes.

Here is the link/widget for the Un-contest:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Whoops! It seems to be doing the same thing!

If you have any suggestions for help with this, please feel free to leave a comment below.

4 Comments on "The Un-Contest – or Rafflecopter Woes"

  1. Giddy for Points | July 29, 2014 at 4:12 pm | Reply

    I use rafflecopter but it won’t let you add the widget on wordpress. I usually just add a link to the rafflecontest like you just did and people can enter that way. You can also add the widget to your facebook page which is what I have done too

  2. Carolina Travel Girl | July 29, 2014 at 4:28 pm | Reply

    Thanks Elena! I think we may have a solution… now if we can just put it into effect!

  3. I am planning a contest soon and will be using rafflecopter. I can get the widget to display in preview, but we shall see how it works once the contest goes live 🙂

    I’d love to enter your contest…how?

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