Giveaway! US Airways – Admirals Club Day Pass

US Airways Club Day PassesUS Airways Club Day Passes

Win a US Airways – Admirals Club Day Pass

US Airways Club

US Airways Club

Well, we ultimately solved the Rafflecopter issues with the help of our First2Board inhouse technology folks – which translates to mean, someone other than me. With that said, I am happy to announce my little contest for US Airways Club Day passes which can also be used in the Admirals Clubs. I recently received an email from Jim Moses, the Managing Director of Premium Customer Service for US Airways.  The email announced the beginning of a quarterly newsletter which is designed to cover announcements and news covering the US Airways and Admirals Clubs. As you know, the Clubs for the respective airlines will soon all be operating under the Admirals Club banner with reciprocal admission to both now in effect. When the integration is complete, there will be a combined network of nearly 60 lounges worldwide. Moses announced that all day passes will be valid in both the US and Admirals Club Lounges. I have always been a fan of the US Airways Club network and, prior to the merger, the access to Star Alliance lounges. There is nothing better than ducking in for a quick cappucino and a quiet place to sit and wait for my flight.  Although my US Club membership will no longer gain me access to a Star Alliance Lounge (I have that covered with my TK Gold for a while), my current membership runs through 2015 and after that, we will be using my husband’s Citi AAdvantage card for access. So that I don’t have to go through any hoops for that, I am added to his account as an authorized user thereby giving me a card in my own name.

US Airways Club Day Passes

US Airways Club Day Passes

In order to help ‘Celebrate’ the merging of the two Clubs, I have two US Airways Day Passes up for grabs. Using the Rafflecopter entry form below, you can enter to win one of these two passes by either leaving a comment on this post, Tweeting about the contest, or subscribing to the Carolina Travel Girl email list. The contest will run from today, August 13th through Wednesday, August 20th. The winners will be chosen randomly using the Rafflecopter program and will be announced on Thursday, August 21st. I appreciate all of you who stop by to read my blog and this is just one little way that I can give back to you.

US Airways and Admirals Club Locations

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  1. Thanks for the chance to experience the club!

  2. When I have the opportunity to use them, I love them. Makes the experience so much better.

  3. Would love to go to the admirals club

  4. I use airport lounges – mostly United but I like AMEX centurion lounges the best.!! There just aren’t enough of them.

  5. I love Airport lounges especially overseas. Makes the whole experience a whole lot more civilized.

  6. I’ve used airport lounges in the past as a guest. I’d like to start using them for long layovers or for when I have to arrive at JFK hours early due to a ground transportation shuttle schedule.

  7. Thanks for the contest!

  8. I always use airport lounges when I can, makes traveling that much better.

  9. Would love to try out the lounges on my next trip!

  10. Always love to go clubbing!

  11. Since I don’t have any status, I typically only use them on really long layovers.

  12. I use the lounges whenever I can!

  13. Whenever i fly business class, you can bet I will use a lounge!

  14. I use them every chance I get!

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