Los Cabos Unstoppable! Cabo San Lucas Updates

Flora Farm 'Farmrita'Flora Farm 'Farmrita'
El Arco, Los Cabos

El Arco, Los Cabos

I know that many of you have been concerned about the effect that Hurricane Odile has had on the communities of Los Cabos – Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo – and the rest of Baja California Sur. Many of you have requested updates if any are available.

I received an update email today from Cabo News Today.  As of October 18th, it appears that international flights are once again returning to Los Cabos International Airport. You may remember photos of the devastating destruction of the almost new Terminal Two. The area has adopted the slogan Los Cabos Unstoppable, a testament to the resilience and hard work of the area’s residents to work together in restoring their homes and their lives – including being ready to welcome visitors back to the area.

From Cabo News Today:

Ruben Reachi announced some of the new flights and airlines flying to Los Cabos: United Airlines flying from Washington, Alaska Airlines flying from Portland, and Delta flights from San Diego. Each of these flights willhave three arrivals each week. All of these are new flights that were negotiated prior to Hurricane Odile. Also coming in mid-December is Delta airlines flying from John F. Kennedy from New York and Delta flight from Washington.
Click here for the rest of the article: Latest News: International Flights Resumed Activity To Los Cabos

The second article of note was Interview With Ruben Reachi Secretary Of Tourism For Baja California Sur

And, at a ceremony for the men who work for the power companies, they were honored for being able to erect over 5000 power poles and restore power in record time. The people of Los Cabos are truly Unstoppable.  Award Ceremony For The CFE

Here is a toast to all of you!

Flora Farm 'Farmrita'

Flora Farm ‘Farmrita’

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