Apple 12 Days of Gifts – Missing

Apple 12 Days

 Missing from iTunes….

Apple Recap

Last year was Apple’s first time in releasing its 12 Days of Gifts app in the United States. In previous years, Apple limited the promotion to Canada and Europe so it was great to see that the company is bring the app and giveaways to the United States.

Avicii - Courtesy of NY Times

Avicii in Concert – (Photo Courtesy of NY Times)

Users could download Music, TV Shows, Movies, Books or Games for free from the iTunes store. Last year’s line up included Hugo (the movie), music from Lordes, Justin Timberlake and AVICII (my favorite), as well as games such as Rayman and Mr. Crab.

So I thought I would do a little digging around to see if the app was up for this year and available for download. Unfortunately, even though the app was released on December 9th last year, it does not seem to be available for download this year (yet?).

Since the promotion doesn’t begin running until the day after Christmas, I guess we can still hope that it may be released.

I will certainly let you know when (and if) that happens.


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