Starbucks 12 Days of Bonus Stars – Day Nine

Starbucks Day Nine

Tasty Tidings….

Starbucks Day 9On the ninth day of Starbucks 12 Days of Bonus Stars (December 12th) you will receive either 1,2,3, or 4  Bonus Stars with the purchase of any croissant.

It’s nice to see Bonus Stars applied to single food items – especially when it is something you may grab to go with your cup of coffee on your morning dash to work. There are four to choose from – Almond Blossom, Butter, Chocolate, and Beef Sausage. I typically have the Chocolate Croissant at Starbucks (love that gooey dark chocolate when they are heated) but have to admit that I have never seen the Beef and Sausage Croissant Starbucks features in its Bakery Menu. I guess it is just one of those items not carried in every store. I’d love to see it offered consistently, however, because I have a great love for English sausage rolls!

NOTE: I keep reading that some people have not been targeted for this promotion and that is very frustrating indeed. I feel that same frustration quite often when I hear or read about friends in the travel community being targeted for three times the preferred miles when they fly, or bonus points gifts from Hyatt. One would think that companies would like to encourage everyone who uses their product or service to be more engaged and rewarded, but, alas, that is not the case. The secret algorithms often leave out those of us who feel we should be included. It is, indeed, a tough nut to swallow!

I have no advice other than to express your frustration with the company. In cases like these, sometimes a ‘mailed in an envelope’ letter works best.

Make sure that you are using your app or registered card for all of your purchases. The offer I received today was (see? I don’t always get the top stars either):Starbucks Day Nine

Also, for a data point…. most of the time the emails arrive between 9:15 and 9:30pm EST. Tonight’s email popped up at 10:46pm.

You’ll notice that with each offer it states that you may use the offer as many times as you would like. Therefore, if you are purchasing more than one item, it always makes sense to pay for each item separately to get the best advantage from the offers. Of course, this rings true for any time you visit Starbucks. Separate transactions. Always.

Did you remember to split your transaction at Starbucks today?

Have you registered your Starbucks card? Don’t forget… in order to receive the bonus stars, you must pay with your registered Starbucks card or app.  If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, it is available for the iPhone (in iTunes) and for Android  (at Google Play).

Starbucks 12 Days of Bonus Stars Begins December 4th

How are you doing in your Bonus Star Collecting?

4 Comments on "Starbucks 12 Days of Bonus Stars – Day Nine"

  1. Huh, little curious why you got 2 bonus points while mine says 1. Hm, hope it’s really 2 (or I can just buy more than one tomorrow ;)).

  2. Funny, mine only has 1 Bonus Star too on this specific offer. Very interesting. I am an avid (gold) Starbucks card user, since 2009, and participate in most Bonus Star Challenges. I will say, I have not participated in many of the 12 Days of Bonus Stars, as most did not appeal to me. Maybe that has something to do with it.
    Oh well, I will be happy with my 1 Bonus Star while I am enjoying my Almond Bolssom. It is a delicious treat I allow myself 1 a week (I refuse to look at the nutritional information) and I get a Bonus Star with it…double treat in my book.
    Happy Holidays!

  3. I registered to receive the emails but have yet to get one. I have called to complain & was credited with 4 stars for the first day. I was told that the systems were updating & I should start getting them in a few days. Nothing yet. I will be calling again today to complain.

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