Holiday Wishes

Christmas tree Rocekfeller

Be Well – Travel Safe – Be Kind During the Holidays

Wherever you may be – traveling – celebrating Christmas, Hannukah, or New Years in far away countries – or simply sharing your holidays with family and friends, I would like to wish you all a happy and safe holiday season.

MennorahOur holidays are filled with light – lights shining brightly on Christmas trees and the soft glow from Mennorah candles. May the light of the season shine within you and yours for the coming year. May you not only experience the miracles of the season, but also as you make your way through each day you are given in the New Year. And may the bounty with which we are blessed cause us to pause and reach out to share with those in need.

It will be, as always, a hectic time for travel whether you are traveling by car, plane or train. We often become so caught up in our own sense of urgency that we fail to notice the plight of others. The harried Gate Agent who would much rather be home with her young child. The fellow at the ticket counter who fights the sadness of not being able to be with his family much during the holidays. The flight attendant who won’t make it home tonight because of the same delay you are experiencing. I hope we all pause long enough to offer them a thank you and a smile. For those who may have less, I hope we can find it within our hearts to share the bounty which is ours. It only takes a moment to reach across the divide.




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