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Starbucks New Year Star Dash – Up to 20 Bonus Stars

Starbucks New Years Present to You



Starbucks is ending the year with a bang! The latest promotion offers mega Bonus Stars and is really quite achievable! The promotion runs from December 30 through January 12 and is quite straightforward.


Spend and earn four Bonus Stars and receive an additional 10 Stars – collect 6 Bonus Stars and receive an additional 20! I don’t know about you, but I’m headed out today to earn those first four! Be sure that you opt in to the promotion either via your email or logging on to Some people have reported that even though they did not receive the actual email, they were able to see a banner for the promotion once they logged in to their account (thanks to Deborah for the reminder!).

Check your email for the registration link. Again hopefully this will be available to everyone who is registered and/or uses the Starbucks App. The app also works for purchases at Teavana Stores and you can earn Teavana Rewards.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, the app is available for the iPhone (in iTunes) and for Android  (at Google Play). I gave my mail carrier her first Starbucks card for Christmas and hopefully she will be taking my advice to register her card to take advantage of these kinds of offers.

In addition to the New Years Bonus Stars Promotion, Starbucks is also having an online sale with an extra 10% off prices that are already up to 50% off. You will need to use the code MSREXTRA when checking out and must use your registered card. The link for the online sale is here —–> Online Sale

Note: Starbucks has been having some issues with their website lately so if you are unable to access the site from your desktop, try using the mobile site on your Smartphone – it appears to be working correctly.

Happy New Year… and Happy Collecting!


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