Starbucks: Military Personnel Can Freeze Account

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Have you heard of My Starbucks Idea? It is the part of the Starbucks website where you, the consumer, can offer ideas to Starbucks. This area of the website covers everything from new coffee drink ideas to adding a store in a particular neighborhood to technology ideas.

One of the more recent ideas to be implemented came from a Starbucks member who suggested an idea to be able to freeze Starbucks acounts for members on active duty in the military. As the author of the request said, “Sometimes when military PCS overseas or go on deployment we leave the US for 12+ months. It would be nice to come back home to the perks of the card we had when we get back.”

Well, the good news is… the Starbucks team read this request and listened. According to the information on the site:

Launching this idea is our way of saying to all U.S active military members, that not only do we value everything you do to ensure the safety of our country, but that we also sincerely value your loyalty to Starbucks.

If you are leaving for deployment, just send an email with the dates of your orders to letting us know, and we will make a note in your account. Then when you return, send us another note to the same email address and we will ensure you keep your Gold status.

So, if you know anyone who is in the military… or if you are in the military yourself… and is a fan of Starbucks, there is now a way for you to freeze the activity on your card.Starbucks

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  1. Of course, there are so many Starbucks ON military bases, all over the world so our troops can still get stars there. But it’s a nice, and necessary gesture – I wonder if other organizations with annual fees like AAA and Costco allow for suspension.

    • Yes – but not all Starbucks all over the world – including the ones on bases – give the same perks that we get at Starbucks stores in the US. And, I’m not sure about the contract stores. I know the contract store here in my hometown does NOT participate in promotions or allow free drink redemptions.

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