Buy Marriott Gift Cards…Get SWA points

(HT to Loyalty Lobby)

Marriott is currently having a promotion in which you can earn up to 12,000 Rapid Reward points for Marriott gift card purchases. You must have a southwest airlines account number to access the promotion. $100 giftcard will get you 1,200 RR points; $250=3,000 RR, and $500=6,000 RR. So 1,000 in gift cards will get you the max of 12,000 RR points. You can also use your Marriott credit card to purchase these giftcards which will thus get you both airline and hotel points. Promotion Ends Nov 30, 2012.
So if you dont have enough or any Marriott points and need to actually purchase a hotel room, this will be a good way to go since you will be essentially earning points through SWA, points through a credit card purchase, and points through the actual hotel stay. How cool is that?! I like a triple dipper 🙂

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