More Hotel Status Please!

It seems that hotels are giving out status like candy. If you were able to get the Accor Platinum status as mentioned by View from the Wing (no longer available to register), Hyatt Platinum status through MilePoint Premium (no longer available to buy), Hilton Gold Status through Citicards (still available), or Priority Club Platinum through Chase (still available) then you have leverage to do some status matches with other hotel chains.

Club Carlson will status match by sending them an email here and sending them screen shots of your current status with other hotels. I sent them my Priority and Hyatt Platinum and they awarded me Gold Status through Feb 2013.

Best Western will also status match by sending them an email here You must submit a filled out form and a screen shot of your other hotel status as well. I sent them my Priority plantinum and waiting to see what they will match me with.

Marriott doesnt “status match” but they do offer you a challege. They will temporarily offer you  gold for example and you will have to stay 6 stays over a 3 month period to keep gold status. This is just an example I had recieved one time but you can send them and email here or give them a call to see what challenge they will offer you.

SPG also no longer status matches but offers a “fast track” challenge in order to get and maintain status. You can email here for more information about a platinum challenge.

There is also a website where you can see what other people have had matched with thier status. This will give you a good idea of what you can get as well.

Disclaimer: The links to any credit cards are not mine and I will not receive anything for you using them. These are just links I searched online so they may or may not be the best ones out there.

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