Delta Skypesos with Suntrust

If you had gotten a Suntrust checking account which earns Delta Skypesos earlier in the year, then you can take advantage of this method.  Million Miles Secrets has posted about this method where you can use your Suntrust debit card to earn miles. I tried this last month where I went to a large supermarket mention in his blog and got a $600 money order which I used to pay rent and another $200 to convert to cash to use on vacation (just in case). It costed 80cents per MO. Within a week, I saw the miles posted to my account! Finally a way where I can earn points by paying rent and other things!

As he suggests, do not abuse this method or take money orders and redeposit them to your Suntrust account as this may raise red flags but this is a great way to earn miles for transactions that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Have you used this method for other things? I would love more suggestions, Thanks!

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