Howdy #MMS Readers!

Thank you Daraius for featuring me on your blog today. I am actually driving back down to TX from VA and had to pull over at a Panera to post this to welcome the new readers and hopefully new followers 🙂 I love to meet to points and miles enthusiasts and I hope you will be able to learn something new for me. I’ll be at the FTU in LA in a few weeks so hopefully I will meet many of ya’ll there. Happy travels and back to my road trip!

Feel free to follow me on twitter or facebook. Thanks!

4 Comments on "Howdy #MMS Readers!"

  1. Very nice interview and site! Oh, do you have profile with name and email? Thanks.

  2. Thank you! The about me should be on the right hand side but my email is

  3. Thanks so much for your database. We switched electricity providers based on your blog and I hope to do good things with those points I never even knew existed!

  4. Your welcome! I have had no complaints so far and my bonus points have posted without problems. Let me know how your experience goes 🙂

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