My Churn and Moving to TX!

I haven’t yet posted about my credit card churn this quarter so here is what I got
Hyatt Chase Card- 2 free nights with 2 suite ujpgrades after 1st purchase
Priority Chase Card – 80,000 points with Platinum Status after 1st purchase
Hilton Citi Reserve Card – 2 free weekend nights and Gold status with 1st purchase

SPG Amex Card- 30,000 points with $5k spend in spend in 6 months

With the 2 new Chase cards that gives me 7 in total. All of them just happen to be hotel cards because most have great rewards with just your first purchase. I do need to get more airline miles so I think my next one will be the Barclays US Airways card since I haven’t yet gotten this and maybe a AA business Citicard. I have the personal one and no business ones so I think I will give this a try.
Also I’ve decided to move back to the great state of TX!! With the weather turning cooler in DC and all my family still back in Texas, it has given me the itch to go back home. So I’ll be joining the other TX bloggers like Mommy Points 🙂  For anyone that has never been or lived it Texas…everything is bigger and better there 😀
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