2013 Points Resolution: Earn 600k+ M&P

I’ve put together a spreadsheet of what points and miles I can possibly earn for 2013 without flying. I want to earn at least 600k which may be pocket change to some but I don’t have a business to rack up miles through spending. So here it is:

So it looks like I’ll be earning lots of Delta and HHonors points with other programs sprinkled in. Why these may you ask? Well these programs I haven’t yet taken advantage of and these credit cards I have not yet applied for. I would be applying for 8 cards (in green) which would cost me about 1k in annual fees and 13k in minimum spends but I would be getting greater than 600k points and miles in total. And of course I would be making lots of trips to Walmart. I didn’t include paypal because I’ll probably be using these to meet minimum spends.

This is assuming of course that I get approved for all these but I don’t see why not since I have pretty good credit. Here is to 2013! Happy New Years and Happy Travels!

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6 Comments on "2013 Points Resolution: Earn 600k+ M&P"

  1. I like the layout of your plan. It may as well be my goal……

  2. Thanks! Hope it works according to plan 🙂

  3. On the Delta SunTrust site I see the following disclaimer:

    Cash advances, cash portion of a PIN POS sale with cash back, ATM transactions, payments for stored-value cards, wire transfers, money transfers, quasi cash, and traveler’s cheques do not qualify.

    Wouldn’t that exlude your first two items?

  4. So far the MO and BB transactions through Walmart show as a purchase and so far I have been getting points. So this should work unless Suntrust changes anything.

  5. with your suntrust debit card, what is the minimum you need in a checking account so you don’t get hit with monthly fees?

  6. 2500 to avoid monthly fees

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