AA 3x Miles on Select Categories (Including Drugstores!)

Check your email for this CitiCards American Airlines promotion. I believe this is targeted because it was enroll with one click.

The promotion is from now until 6/30/13. You can get 3x miles for purchases at restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, drugstores, and commuter expenses (ie parking). The max amount of bonus miles you can receive is 2,500 miles. Bonus miles is the 2 extra points received in addition to the 1 point you already receive. This means that the max amount of purchases you can do under this promotion is $1,250. This should be really easy to attain so make sure you are enrolled to receive emails through citicards to get these kinds of promotions.

2 Comments on "AA 3x Miles on Select Categories (Including Drugstores!)"

  1. My offer was 10x for the same categories through June 30, so there’s at least some variation available. Still maxes out at 2,500.

  2. At least you will get to the same result faster 🙂 I wish there wasn’t such a low cap.

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