Organizing All My Trips using @Tripit

This year I went trip happy and starting booking all my vacations for the year. It was difficult to track all of them until I heard of Its free to sign up and pretty easy to use. There is an option to scan your email for reservations or you can email the reservations to and the website is populated with your reservations.

Reservations Sample

Reservations Sample

The green checkmark next to the trip indicates that a hotel and flight have been uploaded to the trip. This was such a helpful tool in organizing all my upcoming trips.

The paid version is Tripit Pro ($49/yr).  I had won a free year through a #tripitchat on twitter so I signed up to see the additional benefits I would get. I noticed these  on the right hand side of the screen.

Free Trials for Pro Members

Free Trials for Pro Members

The offer that interested me was the Regus Gold Membership. I remember Mr. Pickles had a guest blogger talk about free wifi around the world using Regus. I haven’t tried signing up yet but this seems like a great added benefit to the Pro Package.

Now with all my trips organized in one place, I can rest a lil easier knowing I won’t loose a reservation 🙂

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