Use @Feecation to Get Reimbursed for Travel Related Fees

Points and Pixie Dust had discovered a service where you can get partially reimbursed for travel related fees. I love saving money so had to check it out. There is a monthly charge of $16.97 but you can try it out for free for 30 days and can cancel within this time if you are not satisfied. So this is how it works:

If you incur fees while traveling, they will reimburse you $10 for each fee transaction that you incur up to a certain amount. Here are the limits for the year.


And here are the type of transactions you can get reimbursed for:

1st checked bag, Seat upgrade, extra leg room, Early Check in, priority boarding, ticket change fee, cancellation fee, convenience (includes airport parking), inflight meal, & inflight movie/TV

Booking fee, use of fitness center, early checking/checkout, late cancellation, baggage holding, parking, convenience fees, & resort fees

Late Cancellation, airport concession, GPS, returning at different location, additional driver, equipment rental, early return, & convenience fees

Airport, In-air, hotel, other

After you indicate what the fee is, it will take you to the process of emailing the receipt at [email protected]

Charges incurred during international travel are eligible for reimbursement; however, itemized receipts or order confirmations must be for U.S. Dollars. They are not currently able to convert or reimburse for expenses incurred in foreign currency.

Points and Pixie Dust already got her check in the mail for her incidental fees and since I will be on plenty of vacations this year, this will definitely be money saving.


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  1. Milesmomma is trying it out right now as she is touring England, Scotland and Ireland. We thought it would be a good experiment to see how much she saved (or made) with the free 30 trial membership! //

  2. I’m loving Feecation! I think you will love it, too. Just got free GPS and no concession fee on my rental car. Woo hoo!

  3. Thanks for the info ladies! So far getting free airport wifi and will get money back for airport parking…this is going to be fun 🙂

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