United has Partnered with Scorebig: Purchase Tickets at 5mi/$ & Save

Score Big is a ticket purchasing site where you can bid on your tickets/events that your city offers, kind of like price line. These tickets are for sporting events, concerts, plays, etc

Well, now you can earn United miles for buying tickets! Per the T&Cs, you will earn 5 miles per dollar spent plus if you purchase a ticket of at least $30 before Sept 30, 2013, you will earn 1,000 bonus miles. Bonus valid only once.

I’ve never used this site so I went through the steps to see how user friendly it is. There is a drop menu where you can pick the city you want to search


Current locations offered

You can then chose your events from your location and bid on the price. There is a meter of how good your offer is. If your offer gets declined, then you have to wait 24hrs to make another bid for the same exact event for the same seating type, so make your bids reasonable.


When you continue and review the offer, you must submit your credit card information so that if you are approved, your card will be charged. The good thing about this site is that they don’t charge you any fees and they even show you how many miles you will earn with your purchase if it is approved. You will also know instantly if you bid is approved.


For ticket delivery here are 4 ways that they are delivered


It will take about six to eight weeks for the miles to post and if you use a miles/points credit card, then you will earn even more!

Has anyone else used this service to buy ticket? It seems very user friendly and you can earn extra miles 🙂

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