AA Reduced Mileage Award City Overview

The other day I had posted about the AA Reduced Mileage Rewards for the 3rd Quarter and mentioned that I was going to go over some city options to give you ideas of places to travel this summer. Looking at this schedule, I see some fun city options that I or others have written about and I have provided some links below.

US Cities

Chattanooga, TN– Available July-Sept
Charleston, SC- Available Sept when F2B Sessions start!
Corpus Christi, TX– Available Aug-Sept
Colorado Springs, CO – Available July-Sept
Ft. Lauderdale– Available Sept
Key West, FL– Available Aug-Sept
Nashville, TN– Available Aug-Sept
Norfolk, VA- Available Aug-Sept (this is very close to VA Beach!)
Memphis, TN– Available July-Sept
Pittsburgh, PA– Available Sept
Philadelphia, PA – Available Sept
Santa Fe, NM– Available July-Sept
St. Louis, MO- Available July-Sept
Tampa, FL- Available Sept when FTU starts!
Washington DC– Available Aug-Sept


Toronto– Available July-Sept
Montreal – Available July-Sept

Will you be taking advantage of the reduced mileage awards and where will you be traveling?

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