Limited Time Free App for Apple: LoungeBuddy

I got a chance to beta test a new app for iphones called LoungeBuddy. This app takes the guess work out of which lounges you have access to while traveling. You can either enter in your flight information or you can enter in your settings which types of credit cards you have, airline status, and lounge memberships you have and the app will tell you which lounges you can get into free.  It will also tell you the cost for day passes if you don’t have free access.




It also shares which amenities are available for each lounge, photos from other LoungeBuddy members,  and reviews which you can contribute to. You also have the ability to post to twitter and facebook from the app as well.

Luckily for you, readers of Giddy for Points can now get this app for free by using this link //

This is available for the first 100 people who submit their email through the link. An email will then be sent to you to download the app for free. It is pretty fun to use and I hope you will like it as much as I do.

I do not receive any commission for clicking on the link to get the free app.


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  1. Interesting idea, certainly worth a look for free.

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