100% Bonus on IHG (Priority Club) points

IHG is running a targeted promotion for its elite members where you can get a 100% bonus on purchased points.  To see if you qualify, log in here. Below are the details of the promotion. This is actually slightly better than using the trick where you can buy 5,000 points for $40 when you make a cash & points reservation because you can get 6,000 points for the same price with this promotion.

IHG 100
Below is a sample of how many points you can buy.

1,000+1,000 bonus for $13.50

3,000+3,000 bonus for $40.50

5,000+5000 bonus for $67.50

10,000+10,000 bonus for $135

20,000+20,000 bonus for $250
If you know of a specific property you would like to stay at and purchasing points would be cheaper, then this is a great option. Also if you need to top off your account for the next award then this is also a good option.

Here is an example of a property where the above promotion would be better than out right reserving the hotel. Virginia beach Holiday Inn is going for around $290 during labor day weekend. You can also redeem 35,000 points which you can buy for $225 from the promotion.

holiday inn VA


36k pointsTake  note that you do forgo earning your 5 points/$  when using your priority club card by buying points since you are buying it though points.com and not directly from IHG. You will still earn 1 points/$ however.  You will also forgo any bonuses points earned from staying at the hotel since it is considered a reward night. So make sure that buying the points for a hotel makes sense for your situation.

Also if you happen to be staying at one of the points breaks properties that are going for 5,000 points per night then this is a steal! However, these places are usually seem to be places less likely visited so good luck finding a hotel on the list you might actually use.


Disclosure: The above post contains an affiliate link and the author may receive a small commission on any purchases made. Thank you in advance for your support.

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