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Got Stuck with HICG? Suggestions to Unload

This manufactured spend deal came and went in record speed which left many with cards in their hand like me. There doesn’t seem like an easy way to unload these cards but here are some suggestions:

Lowe’s and Sears has a giftcard rack that you can buy gift cards to use later such as gas cards, restaurant cards, clothing giftcards such as Kohls, Old Navy, AE, etc, Southwest, and Marriott cards. Sears giftcards can also be used at KMart, so if you have one near you then you can do your grocery shopping there.

You can also buy your cleaning and paper products at Lowe’s which everyone needs so you can stock up on these items.

If you have children, then you can do some back to school shopping at Sears to buy clothes, backpacks, and other items.

Previously you were able to use these at Hopefully if this is still the case, you can send someone flowers or gifts for a special occasion.

If you only had one or two cards, then unloading them in this fashion shouldn’t take too long, however, if you have more than this, then this is where the dilemma comes. The only other thing I can think of is trying to sell these cards on ebay and possibly take a small loss on them.

This game can be rewarding and ruthless at the same time and this proves it.


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